Out of Nowhere

A journey of sights, scents, textures and sounds.

‘Out of Nowhere it Came’ is an immersive, interactive and multi-sensory performance for children aged 3-6. In 2016 it received funding from Arts Council England for 3 weeks of research and development. It is supported by Oily Cart and is made up of 3 performers and 1 live handpan musician. In October 2016 it was shared with 11 audiences of children in schools across Croydon.

Join our performers on a journey of sights, scents, textures and sounds as we explore the imaginary worlds that can come out of ordinary suitcases. During the performance the children go on a journey that engages all of the senses. We’re interested in children being able to touch, feel and interact with the performers and what keeps them hooked into the unfolding performance. The work is very intimate, created especially for small audiences, with live vocals and music from the handpan.

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Director: Rachel Betts
Musical Director: Susannah Austin
Designer: Alice Kristina
Writer: Adam Isdale

Cast: Emily Juler, Luisa Guerreiro, Tom Capper, Dom Aversano

Mentorship and support: Tim Webb, Oily Cart
Photography and Video: Kim Williams Photography